Volume 95, Issue 30
Thursday, October 25, 2001
Arnold calls
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Tories shut out student media
PCs have 'security concerns

Members of the student media have been denied access to this weekend's Tory policy convention in London due, in part, to security concerns.

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The world at war

For the first time, Wednesday, United States officials admitted they cannot guarantee the safety of the country's mail service and are asking all Americans to wash their hands after handling any letters or packages.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
ONE HELL OF A CIRCUMCISION. Burn Brink, an employee of Jo-Co construction, cut a piece off his wood Wednesday while building an addition to the John P. Robarts Research Institute.

Protest group miffed

A motion put forward by a King's College councillor on behalf of the UWO Public Interest Research Group to obtain University Students' Council funding for a protest this weekend was defeated by the USC last night.

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Muslims outraged by poster vandalism

Western's Muslim Students' Association is crying foul after posters advertising an MSA-sponsored lecture disappeared this week.

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Matt Prince/Gazette
IS SHE GIFT-WRAPPING THAT RAILING? Fourth-year genetics students Rebecca Conan and Mark Jenkins sat outside the Biology and Geology Building Wednesday. Rebecca made our staff cry by using The Gazette as silly wrapping paper -- we worked hard on that!

Searching for a new approach: The alternative side to living with HIV

Medical experts agree, the development of affordable vaccines is crucial to fighting the on-going global AIDS epidemic.

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Dinosaurs scintillating in East
Vince and company leave hockey in dust

Micheal Jordan's back, the Raptors are stacked and the Clippers may actually rise from the dead.

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