Volume 95, Issue 30

Thursday, October 25, 2001
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Gay representation? Go ahead, no one's stoppin' ya

Mike Harris: leader or loser?

Gay representation? Go ahead, no one's stoppin' ya

Re: "Out and Proud," Oct. 19

To the Editor:

It was with interest that I read Michael Bailey's blow-dried rhetoric letter.

Bailey claims "all other universities, similar in size to Western, have large, heavily integrated and both politically and socially influential gay pride organizations" while Western does not.

There do not seem to be great barriers preventing the establishment of such an organization here, should the gay students in attendance be desirous of founding one.

The University Students' Council would undoubtedly be supportive of such an endeavour.

Next, Bailey says Western's gay population is forced to live "in a sad state of almost McCarthyite terror" and that other visible minorities "are used like moderated accessories." These statements should be considered untrue.

No gay student need live in fear. The vast majority of the student populace is tolerant of all sexual orientations. The USC did a commendable job fostering knowledge and respect for the gay community during Coming Out week.

Bailey also demeans the intelligence of all visible minority students by suggesting they are unable to realize their white peers are using them as 'accessories.'

Western is a remarkable environment where people of different races, creeds and backgrounds interact together with little discernible tension. There is no evidence of any malevolent white agenda.

I admit my statements may be biased. I am white and I came from northern Ontario where minorities, visible or otherwise, are in short supply.

But I am acquainted with the group to which Bailey seems to belong. This group is usually composed of WASPs who fancy themselves to be straining under a persecution complex that comes from fighting 'the establishment' with their radical views.

Mike Ward

Social Science I

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