Volume 95, Issue 31
Friday, October 26, 2001
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London prepares for protests
Activists criticize police intimidation

Hundreds of police officers, thousands of protesters and the Ontario Progressive Conservative party will combine to create an interesting weekend for the Forest City.

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Media pioneer visits Western

You may not want to name your first-born son Doordarshan, but it's a great place to learn journalism.

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Students become alumni in mysterious ceremony

Ritual, tradition, colour, music, people in funny looking robes and hats that scream for the fashion police – ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first day of Western's 277th convocation at Alumni Hall.

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©Lauren Staff/Gazette
CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, HEAD LICE CHECKS ARE REQUIRED BEFORE YOU VENTURE INTO THE REAL WORLD. A graduate received her ceremonial bath robe from a resident academic old guy Thursday in Alumni Hall, during Western's 277th Convocation.


A pretty bumpy ride
Drew gives backseat lovin'

If you see Riding in Cars With Boys, you may be in for a surprise.

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Professor criticizes ban on gay blood

Yesterday afternoon a Western professor declared his desire to be pricked with the needle of Canadian Blood Services.

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