Volume 95, Issue 19

Wednesday, October 3, 2001
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Terrorism expert no. 352

Here's how to fix a flat tire

The rent-a-cop revolution

Here's how to fix a flat tire

Re: "Duty to help," Sept. 27

To the Editor:

I would hardly agree with Eric Freedman's claim that those who don't support military action are anti-American. Even Bill Clinton and Bob Dole marched in Washington this weekend to encourage Bush to show restraint.

I believe Canada should stand by America, but if the Bush administration decides to follow a course that will only further escalate violence and terrorism, Canada should reconsider its position.

If my car had a flat tire, I would not respond by firing a couple of rounds into the windshield. I would be making a lot of noise, but my car would still not be running.

Only by dealing with the root cause of this violence, can we find a way to end it. If America really wants to prevent more atrocities and violence, it must be prepared to sacrifice its economic and foreign policies, policies I believe alienate and disillusion people into joining groups like Osama bin Laden's.

Every day in 1999, over $120 million was transferred from the poorest countries to the richest in debt payments. Of that money, every dollar granted to a developing country is paid back thirteen times in the form of debt repayments.

The effects are that governments can't deal with social inequalities and health concerns that plague their countries.

Fighting terrorism with bombs instead of humanitarian compromises will only strengthen the resolve of terrorists to fight and weaken America's ability to destroy them.

Matt Rae

History III

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