Volume 95, Issue 19

Wednesday, October 3, 2001
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Terrorism expert no. 352

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The rent-a-cop revolution

The rent-a-cop revolution

To the Editor:

The declaration of war on Osama bin Laden and the Taliban is a great mistake – the United States has already lost the war.

The terrorists have spread fear and hysteria, temporarily upset the economy and financial institutions, duped kind but gullible Canadians into donating money to the wealthiest country and now enable self-serving politicians to enact hastily and poorly written legislation to fool citizens into believing they are acting in their best interest.

I believe they are discarding civil rights – rights that will be violated by rent-a-cops/security personnel who lack the intellectual capacity to comprehend the injustice of new laws that seem to empower them to act irrationally.

The Soviets fought in Afghanistan for nine years and lost. Why is the U.S. military so special? The U.S. military is ill-prepared, again, as it was for the Gulf War and appears to be intent on starting another Vietnam-like war.

Robert Speirs

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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