Volume 95, Issue 32

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
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Aged like fine wine: CHRW celebrates 20 years

By Aaron St. John
Gazette Staff

One of Western's major institutions, CHRW 94.7 FM Radio Western, is gearing up to celebrate 20 years in existence on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

"This is fantastic. People don't realize how great an accomplishment this is," said Tom Everett, CHRW's program director. "The fact that we've not only survived, but thrived for twenty years is amazing. It's quite a luxury to have a station this good on campus."

In its two decades of broadcasting, CHRW has grown dramatically, according to Mario Circelli, general manager of both CHRW and TV Western. The station developed from a small, fledgling operation into a professional organization with more than 250 volunteers, he said.

Speaking about some of the changes over the years, Everett noted the increased diversification of CHRW's programming.

"We've taken on a lot of different kinds of music. We play a lot more urban stuff than we used to," he said. "We've also started to work in more structured formats, using two-hour programming blocks."

In order to celebrate their birthday in style, CHRW has a number of events planned, Everett said. Today, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., CHRW's morning show, Wake Up Western, will be live-to-air from the Richmond 6 bus. "They're just going to be riding the route, talking to people," Everett said. "It's going to be fun."

Tonight, at Call the Office, the celebration continues with a Devil's Night extravaganza featuring Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars. "It's only five dollars to get in if you wear a costume and it's going to be a great show," organizer Forat El-Sayed said.

El-Sayed added the final event planned is Wednesday morning's cake-cutting ceremony, which will be broadcast live from the University Community Centre's atrium beginning at 11 a.m.. "We've got a massive cake. [Western president] Dr. Davenport is coming and he's going to give a speech," El-Sayed said.

With an eye towards the continued success of the station, Everett said there are a number of things planned for the near future that should help extend the legacy of CHRW.

"We've got fundraising set for Nov. 11 through 28 and a 48-hour marathon with myself and Chris Veit [CHRW's Music Director] starting Nov. 26." He added the station is currently developing an archive of music recorded by London artists, in order to preserve the music forever.

Katie Mason, a first-year social science student, said she listens to Wake Up Western on a regular basis. "It's kind of cool that [CHRW is] older than I am," she said.

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