Volume 95, Issue 32

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
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Verve Pipe show Lit some emotion

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Verve Pipe show Lit some emotion




1 star
(out of five)

It's hard to take this band seriously.

Lit, perennial happy-rock posers, were actually a Sunset Strip hair band known as Razzle circa 1988 and, while the band's production methods may have changed, their hollow delivery and sentiment remain.

Scoring two hits ("My Own Worst Enemy" and "Ziplock") in 1999 gave Lit the proverbial second chance musicians dream of. However, the band's 15 minutes are up and their dream of career rejuvenation is over.

There are inherent problems with the band's latest effort, Atomic.

Quite simply, they're trying to make every track a monumental pop-rock statement and three tracks into the record, it gets aggravating as their generic sentiment really provides no musical or lyrical value.

–David Perri

The Verve Pipe



Four stars (out of five)

On their third full-length release, the Verve Pipe don't exactly reinvent the wheel.

But that isn't to say Underneath is formulaic or lacking in freshness. It's a newer flavour than that found in their previous releases, with rich lyrics and strong vocals.

From the sound of this CD, someone's in love, as this collection of songs include many catchy, amorous-laced melodies. "Colorful" is a pretty love song, with a humble affirmation: "I know I can be colorful/ I know I can be gray/ but I know this loser's living fortunately/ cause I know you'll love me either way."

Underneath is a mellow collection of songs to listen to when you're laidback, down in the doldrums or feeling the flutters inside that only love can bring.

–Mandrina Caputi

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