Volume 95, Issue 32

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
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Who'll cry for Peter Pumpkinhead?

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Who'll cry for Peter Pumpkinhead?

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

Poor, innocent pumpkins were thrown from a second-story balcony yesterday, never to live out their dreams of becoming Halloween jack-o-lanterns.

With all proceeds going to the United Way, students were invited to throw pumpkins off the balcony of the University Community Centre for two dollars-a-toss.

Students could aim their pumpkins at specific targets or just relieve mid-term exam stress.

"It was so much fun – it was exhilarating," said University Students' Council VP-campus issues Sera Vavala, the very first pumpkin thrower of the day.

The pumpkin toss was also an event to promote the On-Campus Rewards program, a USC initiative intended to reward students for using USC operations, said Mark Wellington, manager of retail sales and marketing for the USC. Participating students could win reward points and were entered in a prize draw.

"The first pumpkin I threw was for the exam I have on my 19th birthday and the second was for the exam I have on Halloween," said third-year social sciences student Mariam Elkhazin. "It was very de-stressing."

Wellington said the On-Campus Rewards program is going well with operations on the lower level of the UCC, like Artifex and the Pit Stop, more so than at The Spoke and The Wave.

However, Wellington said he believes this will change once students see how much they can save.

If students have not signed up for the program yet, they can get started by signing up at any of the participating merchants, he added.

Oliver Corea/Gazette
TEACHING PUMPKINS TO FLY. Mario Circelli, general manager of CHRW, displays what made him famous in the hit video game, Super Mario Bros. 2, as part of the United Way Pumpkin Toss on the balcony of the University Community Centre, Monday. Luigi did not attend.

Halloween festivities will continue today in the UCC with free pumpkin carving.

On Wednesday, there will be pumpkin bowling for two dollars a roll, again with the proceeds going to the United Way. Students can also win On-Campus Rewards points, coupons and prizes by bowling.

USC United Way Commissioner Meridith Bell said she is pleased with the success of the United Way campaign thus far.

"The Survivor Stair Climb was a huge success this weekend," Bell said of the event which had an estimated 1,000 participants from workplaces throughout London and Middlesex.

Lyn Hill, Western's sponsored employee for United Way, said local fundraising surpassed the $1 million mark this weekend in this year's campaign so far.

This week, music faculty members are paying to dress casual for United Way, Hill said.

On Wednesday, Alumni House is having a Halloween party with proceeds from the cover charge going to the charity, Bell said.

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