Volume 95, Issue 32

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
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Car thieves on the loose at UWO

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

The London Police Force has received numerous tips about the weapon used in the stabbing of a female Fanshawe College student on Oct. 19 after releasing a photo of the knife's handle.

"The sources have led us to a number of possible locations and retailers where those types of knives can be found," said LPF Const. Ryan Holland.

At this point, none of the information has led police to a specific knife collection, he added.

In Western crime news, a $5,000 bicycle was stolen from a rack on Oxford Drive, the road that leads from the Social Science Building to Alumni Hall, last Wednesday.

According to Insp. Bob Earle of the University Police Department, the owner of the expensive bike may be out of luck.

"We don't put too much of an additional effort into an investigation based on property value," Earle said. "It was kind of a random crime, so there's not much more we can do."

Two separate incidents involving anthrax-related scares occurred last week on campus.

Last Friday, a plant covered in white powder was found surrounded by three pylons at an unspecified location. When tested by police and Western's Occupational Health and Safety department, the substance was deemed to be either corn starch or baking powder.

"It was just a prank, but not a particularly funny one considering the times right now," Earle said.

Also Friday, a gym bag containing white powder was left in a washroom in the SSB. The substance was tested and found to be of no danger. Police were not able to locate the owner of the bag.

Car vandalism is becoming an increasing concern to UPD.

Last Thursday, there was extensive property damage but no theft, of a car in the Springett parking lot.

On Friday, in a separate case, a car missing its tires and wheels was found in the Bayfield parking lot. Police say the theft probably took place overnight, but believe there is a good possibility there may be witnesses.

"It's pretty difficult to protect your cars from this," Earle said.

"We'd encourage people that if they see a suspicious person milling around to call us right away. It's usually not a case of hit-and-run. Usually the suspect stays around for awhile, scoping out what car they want to get," he added.

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