Volume 95, Issue 32

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
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Consumer orgy

Do nice things

Free booze, free eats and a buffet of young PCs

Do nice things

Re: "More Clinique for your purse?," Oct. 24

To the Editor:

Here's a short lesson for Oliver Williams – human rights and human life are more important than economics.

While Williams seems to pitifully lament the passing of missed opportunities in order to maintain the economy, others cannot afford to worry about sustaining our state of luxury.

A month later, they are still missing their loved ones and trying to rebuild their families.

The adamant belief that we are somehow different from others only perpetuates the hate that culminated in the events of Sept. 11.

We are not different from people in Afghanistan, nor are we different from the more than 5,000 people who perished in the US.

Perhaps as North Americans, now forever changed by these current events, we can pride ourselves not "on the nice things we can buy," but on the nice things we can do.

Gasp! What a concept!

Lindsay Merrifield
English IV

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