Volume 95, Issue 32

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
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'Oh my god - he's whacking off'

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'Oh my god - he's whacking off'

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

A man was seen masturbating in a tunnel between the University Community Centre and the Social Science Centre last Tuesday afternoon, an incident that may be connected to previous reports of men pleasuring themselves on campus.

According to a witness account, a male in his early 20s was seen masturbating while walking behind two unknowing females at approximately 4:30 p.m..

"We were walking through the tunnel towards UCC and saw two girls, coming towards us, being followed by a guy who had come out of a corner," said a female fourth-year psychology student, who did not want her identity to be published.

"I noticed him making a jerking off movement. When I got closer, I saw his fly was open, with his top button still buttoned up and his [penis] was out. He was masturbating.

"I then turned and yelled to my friend – 'Oh my god! He's whacking off!" she said.

The witness said the unknowing women then turned around and seemed to be puzzled by what was going on.

The offender then fled.

According to the witness, the male suspect had reddish-blonde hair, was wearing eyeglasses, a light gray top, light blue jeans and what appeared to be a jean jacket.

The incident may be connected to a series of eight spottings of naked, masturbating men on campus this summer, said Insp. Bob Earle of the University Police Department

While those incidents took place in 'bushy' areas, this is the first incident to take place inside a building on campus, he explained.

All of the incidents took place during late afternoon hours, he said.

The investigation of the recent incident will be forwarded to London Police, he said.

Earle added no single suspect has been identified in the attacks.

"I wouldn't call it a big concern," Earle said. "Certainly we want to catch the guy, but I wouldn't see this as an alarming trend. I believe [the tunnel incident] is more of a one-time event."

Women should not panic about the reports, said Sera Vavala, University Students' Coucil VP-campus issues and a member of the president's committee for the safety of women on-campus.

"I wouldn't want it to sound too alarming. The focus should be on making sure women are informed, not scared," she said.

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