Volume 95, Issue 33

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
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Grow up boys, for all us common folk

A turn-coat in the 'dumb ass course' debate

But Mikey, we already got one!

Grow up boys, for all us common folk

Re: "Dumb ass jobs in decline?," Oct. 26

To the Editor:

Before I even finished reading the line "what kind of dumb ass job can you get involving the Monstrous Imagination?," I thought to myself, 'an engineer must have written this.'

Lo and behold, I was right.

I guess I can expect a couple of stereotypical engineers to be inept at appreciating any scholastics other than engineering.

Studying science fiction or any other fiction for that matter can help a person develop their own creative ability, which can be useful for a variety of careers.

For one, engineering itself requires a degree of creativity – otherwise, everything taught to engineers would never have surfaced in the first place.

Second, those CDs you listen to, the television you watch, advertising of all forms you see, the books you may read, even the building blocks your parents bought you in your youth that may have propelled you into your illustrious career as an engineer, were all products of a Monstrous Imagination.

I admit I am not one to read science fiction or any type of fiction for that matter, only because it does not interest me. I am an Administrative and Commercial Studies student who is likely to change my major to economics, which, not unlike the field of engineering, requires everything to be somewhat structured with little ambiguity; just hard facts.

But at least I can appreciate other fields of study. When it comes down to it, everything contributes to our society in one way or another.

Sure, you engineers are what bring us a wealth of goods which, these days, it seems we could not live without and us common folk can appreciate you for it, but please, grow up guys.

There's more to the world than engineering. To each their own.

Richard Eyles


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