Volume 95, Issue 33

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
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Grow up boys, for all us common folk

A turn-coat in the 'dumb ass course' debate

But Mikey, we already got one!

A turn-coat in the 'dumb ass course' debate

Re: "Dumb ass jobs in decline?," Oct. 26

To the Editor:

If the engineer authors of this letter could find the time to look up from their Hewlett Packard calculators, they might be surprised to discover a complex world, filled with a myriad of social problems.

While unorthodox courses may be of no practical use, they can certainly serve to provide a different perspective on life, give a better understanding of the world and encourage critical thinking.

After all, certain problems can't be solved with the use of a logarithmic function or a free body diagram.

Not that engineering isn't a completely valid field of study, of course.

Luke Brown

Engineering I

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