Volume 95, Issue 33

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
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But Mikey, we already got one!

But Mikey, we already got one!

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Re: "Gay Representation? Go ahead, no one's stoppin' ya," Oct. 25

To the Editor:

Over the past week or so, my fellow students have written about Coming Out Week and the representation of, or lack thereof, a queer community at Western.

It is unfortunate the students writing these letters have been making unfounded claims regarding any club existing on campus.

In the Oct. 18 issue of The Gazette, an article was published discussing the recent development of The Gay and Lesbian Organization of Western (GLOW) and The Queer Western Organization (QWO), two clubs sharing an interest in fostering the needs of queer individuals at Western.

Posters have been distributed throughout campus and on Oct. 17, a live radio interview was aired over CHRW 94.7 FM airwaves to discuss the clubs' arrival.

Mike Ward's comment, published Oct. 25, saying "there do not seem to be great barriers preventing the establishment of such an organization here, should the gay students in attendance be desirous of founding one," makes me wonder if anyone is paying attention.

I do not want to claim ignorance on the part of anyone, as we have not yet had an official press conference announcing our presence. It is, however, disheartening that people seem to be unaware of our existence.

The two clubs, as previously mentioned, have now amalgamated into one group: The Queer Western Organization. QWO has a membership of over 50 people and includes individuals of all sexual orientations.

Although we have not yet been ratified, I assure you the existence of a social support group and politically active club to heighten student awareness at Western is here – and here to stay.

All you have to do is open your eyes and your minds to see it.

Jen Leppard

Kinesiology III

Co-President Queer Western Organization

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