Volume 95, Issue 33
Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Judge Smith
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UWO prof: West 'feasting' on Africa
Lecturer chastises North America

Western nations are ignoring the plight of Africans, says a Western professor who spoke at an African Students' Association-sponsored lecture in the University Community Centre atrium yesterday.

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©Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
FINALLY ATHEISTS HAVE FOUND THE PROOF THEY'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR - RELIGIOUS PEOPLE SHOPLIFT TOO. Religious books have been flying off the shelves since the events of Sept. 11. And yes, you'll still go to Hell, even if you actually read the stolen Bible -- you sinner, you.

Panicked masses seek salvation
City residents turn to the Bible for answers

Books about Armageddon, Nostradamus and the Islamic faith have been hot sellers locally, as Londoners turn pages to quell fears about the threat of terrorism.

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The world at war

Terror alerts and anthrax anxiety continue to dominate North America's "new normalcy," while United States authorities spent much of Tuesday attempting to calm a shaken national psyche.

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Big Brother set to watch over London

Forget the old adage about the one-eyed monster – the one in London has 16.

The City of London's plans to operate 16 surveillance cameras in the downtown core are slowly inching closer to getting the green light.

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Going on a Ghost Hunt

It was just approaching midnight when the police cruiser pulled up.

Now, when you're in a graveyard with a photo editor, an Engelbert Humperdinck album, two garden gnomes and a bag of peanuts – with the objective of ghost hunting – you might find yourself in a situation beyond the average police officer's comprehension.

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Running on empty at OUAs
Western cross country team stumbles

If nothing else, Western's cross-country coach Bob Vigars doesn't try to kid anybody about the state of his team.

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