Volume 95, Issue 20
Thursday, October 4, 2001
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Debate rages over Code

Western emerged legally unscathed from this weekend's engineering "Movie Night" controversy, but the students body is awaiting the ramifications the cancellation could yield.

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Gazette Investigation - The "Movie Night" saga

While the Undergraduate Engineering Society was outraged over the cancellation of last weekend's "Movie Night" on short notice, it would appear the controversial event was a topic of debate as early as this past spring.

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©Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
AFTER HER LAST MOVIE, PIPIE LONGSTOCKING HAD TROUBLE FINDING WORK IN HOLLYWOOD. Melaney Keller, a three-year veteran of The Wave's culinary staff, fixes up something in the kitchen.

The Code: know it, love it, obey it

Want to know what you can't do as a Western student?

Have a read of our condensed "for dummies" version of the Code of Student Conduct – required bedtime reading for students looking to avoid serious trouble at Western.

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Restaurant rides The Wave of success

Despite having a reputation for sluggish business in the past, The Wave appears to be sailing into safer waters.

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Purple and proud: What does it mean?

Purple and proud. Purple and proud. Purple and...

I was somewhere between University College and the concrete beach when the idea began to take hold.

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