Volume 95, Issue 6

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
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Writer knows and reveals all

Believe it or not, I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking, "I've heard of AOV, but what the hell is A&E?" Well don't fret, I am here to solve your problems by answering your questions concerning us and our product.

So here we go friends, time for another year of school and most importantly, another volume of The Gazette's Arts & Entertainment section.

Every volume brings a new team of editors who bring a slightly different approach and flavour to the A&E section. To make it easy on all of our dear readers, I have decided to provide you with a brief rundown of what will appear on the pages soon to follow.

First, expect the basics. You can count on reading tonnes of interesting CD and movie reviews, in-depth, mind-altering interviews and a plethora of kindergarten-style bitching about the cut-throat world of entertainment and the artist who feels too good for us.

Just beyond the basics exist other popular features, like informative restaurant and theatre reviews, as well as articles peering into past movies and music that may have been overlooked.

Finally, there are a couple new additions we are excited to announce for your reading pleasure.

In order to provide you with proper direction, Tuesdays will now get the week off to a good start with Horoscopes. These little gems will equip you with the knowledge and advice you so desperately seek.

Are you in a band? Are you putting on a play or art exhibit? Did you just get your first book published? Do you often perform amateur puppet shows? If you are any kind of an artist and are doing something in or around London, please let us know about it.

It can often be difficult, even for us, to stay informed about local talent and attractions both on and off-campus. That's why we feel it's essential to introduce a section based on talking about, reviewing and exploring the local Indie scene. This feature will appear Wednesdays and it will cover music, art and everything in between.

To uphold the tradition of this paper, we're dedicating an entire section to bitching, complaining and general things we find funny. Read this every Friday under the elusive title, Shits and Giggles.

Porn is a topic we feel deserves coverage seeing as it is where 80 percent of OSAP my money goes. Porn-O-Plenty will be devoted to informing the average consumer and user about hot topics, movie reviews and general information pertaining to this luscious industry.

Although the new features described above will be the main focus of our efforts, make sure to keep your eyes open for contests, give-aways and your chance to win tickets to popular events of all kinds. One thing to keep in mind though – you have to read to win.

This is your paper and your A&E section, so enjoy.

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