Volume 95, Issue 6

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
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Gryner does the boys and alt-metal lives on

Gryner does the boys and alt-metal lives on

Emm Gryner
Girl Versions

Dead Daisy Records

Cover albums are delicate things.

An artist runs the risk of insulting other musicians with their interpretations of original music. They also risk critics questioning their talent.

But the truth is, it takes a creative musician to re-create a song and make it their own without compromising the beauty of the original.

Having seen Emm Gryner perform, a highlight of her live show is her collection of eclectic cover songs. In her latest release, Girl Versions, she visits songs by Fugazi, Thrush Hermit and rock legend Ozzy Osborne.

If you aren't familiar with Gryner's music, you'll likely experience feelings of shock and disbelief when you hear her spin Ozzy's "Crazy Train" into a thoughtful piano ballad no one knew it was capable of being.

Other highlights include The Clash's classic, "Straight to Hell" and Stone Temple Pilot's, "Big Bang Baby."

Unfortunately, the Blur anthem "Song 2" doesn't work well as a slow piano track but, overall Girl Versions is a successful album. Gryner manages to re-mold the songs to give the listener a new experience.

It may not be perfect, it may even piss a few people off, but at least it's not boring.

Andrea Chiu

Puddle of Mudd
Come Clean

Geffen Records

The alternative metal genre as a whole can often sound extremely repetative. Puddle of Mudd, however, is slightly different.

Obviously influenced by the likes of Staind, American Hi-fi and Linkin Park, Come Clean offers heavy riffs and hard drums.

The current single, "Control," sounds like many other songs currently played on top 40 rock-radio. The reasons for releasing a single like this are obvious, but the single is not representative of the whole album.

Tracks such as "Bring Me Down" and "Nobody Told Me" are slightly different in tone and depth than typical music of the same genre.

Like other alt-metal artists, Puddle of Mudd have included two and a half "slow" songs, presumably incorporated to show an ability to play a range of music.

With a mix of average songs and above average songs, this album is worth purchasing if you're looking to add some quantity to the alt-metal section of your CD library.

However, if you're looking for an album to provide you with eleven solid, high-quality tracks, Come Clean will not fulfill need.

Dave Van Dyck

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