Volume 95, Issue 6

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
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Epic adventures in bureaucratic hell

We ain't the f____n' Globe and Mail

Epic adventures in bureaucratic hell

To the Editor:

In my experience, a student with any problem or complaint against the university is at a serious disadvantage because years of student apathy have allowed the university to establish a hierarchy of power against which students feel powerless.

Despite the fact we are customers paying for a service, we are sometimes treated as if our rights are insignificant. The sad part is, most of us stand for it.

The university seems to discourage students from seeking resolution to a problem by making access to help almost impossible. They appear to set unreasonable deadlines and under-staff their offices, so line-ups and appointment schedules are as intimidating as possible.

If a student has the patience and stamina to survive the waiting game, they are faced with university staff members who seem simply unwilling to deal with their problems. A student is then faced with a wild goose chase and more lines.

If a student has the patience to finally find the person in charge, they are sometimes faced with a meaningless string of paperwork. Reams of incoherent rules and regulations must be deciphered and a minimum of two signatures is likely required.

This entire run-around is carried out by staff who appear rude and condescending. I imagine dealing with these problems is not fun or easy, but when students are paying thousands of dollars for this service, they deserve to be treated with respect.

If a student is not happy with the way they are treated, the university does not seem to make any means of formal complaint obvious to them. A student must be an excessively persistent and brave individual to stand up for their rights.

Hopefully, with your bravery and persistence, future generations of students will take their rightful place as the central focus of the university.

William Fleury

Graduate, Honours Zoology

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