Volume 95, Issue 6

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
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Epic adventures in bureaucratic hell

We ain't the f____n' Globe and Mail

We ain't the f____n' Globe and Mail

Welcome to The Gazette, version 9.5.

American dramatist Arthur Miller once said, "A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself." In theory, a great student newspaper is, I suppose, a campus talking to itself.

With that thought firmly entrenched in our minds, we set forth on the next 93 issues of the 95th volume of The Gazette.

To ensure we remain the best student newspaper in Canada and continue to provide the Western student body with the publication they deserve, we have spent the lead-up to daily publication fine tuning every facet of the paper you see before you.

The design of the paper has been adjusted to provide a much cleaner, more professional looking product. The result is a much more attractive, readable paper.

New regular features have been added. Campus Comment, Smoker of the Week, Shits & Giggles, guest columns and increased coverage of intramural sports will help bring you, the reader, closer to the paper that would not exist without your support. Readers should see themselves, both literally and figuratively, inside paper they read and that goal should be further fulfilled by many of these features.

The Gazette online is currently undergoing a dramatic overhaul which will soon see this paper take a giant leap forward in expanding its web presence. In addition to our daily dose of news, entertainment and sports, you will soon have the opportunity to better interact with your student newspaper through polls, message boards and other interactive features.

We have also tweaked our distribution to better ensure you can get the paper when and where you need it.

In short, if all goes according to plan, volume 95 will serve you better than any of the previous 94.

But the most important part of the equation is you. In addition to your readership, we need your input and, of course, your talents. The Gazette is a volunteer organization and, as such, we could not survive without the nearly 100 Western students who walk through our doors each year looking to write, draw or take a picture. It is those volunteers who later become editors and it is those editors who one day get to sit in the chair where I now find myself.

Everyone of us was once sitting (or standing) where you are now – thinking about maybe stopping by The Gazette office to see if they might just have something for us to do. Rest assured we will always have something for you to do (and then some).

Don't wait until tomorrow. Life is short and your university life is even shorter. Come visit us today and become an important part of the best student newspaper in Canada.

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