Volume 95, Issue 6

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
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The Great Escape

Sundays were meant for church? Not anymore...

Time to kiss ma, pa, the dog and sports goodbye

Soccer kicks off season

Sporting adventures

2001 Western Football Schedule

Time to kiss ma, pa, the dog and sports goodbye

So you survived the first week at school (though most of it was partying with only a hint of class). Now you're about to get entrenched again (or for the first time) back into the all-inclusive world of Western. A world built with walls so high and mighty, the outside world becomes non-existent – even to us sportos.

In no time at all and without knowing it, you will lose track of who's in the pennant race of Major League baseball, what team is fighting for the final spot in the NFL and, God forbid, even lose track of when Leaf games are on. This is especially true in residence as the chaos of Orientation week continues for an entire eight months.

The free time that used to be spent moulding your butt into the couch or reading over every word of Sports Illustrated have disappeared into thin air, leaving you questioning your loyalty to the term "sports nut."

I came to school one of the biggest sports fans around but sadly enough, once consumed by this world of academics, I quickly became ignorant to anything happening in actual civilization.

I used to make the family eat Sunday dinner early, just so my brother and I could watch every second of NFL Primetime with the hilarious Chris Berman – where he'd recap all the games – most of which we'd already seen. Last year, I didn't watch more than one quarter of any game and only caught a few glimpses of my beloved Berman.

The same is true for baseball, basketball and even the Maple Leafs. In the past, if anyone asked me if I liked the Leafs, I would always respond "I bleed blue." However, by Christmas last year, I couldn't confidently say that anymore.

Despite this horror, there is hope to stay somewhat in touch with what's going on in the sports world – daily e-mails.

Though television hours dramatically decreased, it felt like I spent half my life on the computer and a sports update e-mail every morning was how I survived.

I turned to TSN and Sportscentral's websites as my survival aid. This way, I could keep up on how many points Vince got, Raptors' and Leafs' statistics, winners in the playoffs and other breaking stories of note.

At least school does us the favour of being over by the time the hockey and basketball playoffs begin. Although, if you have any true sporting sense, you know damn well by the time the playoffs come along there is no doubt where your priorities should lie.

So for those of you who are new to Western's fortress, beware of what you're getting into. Accept it more than you fight it, as it is almost impossible to control.

The first thing I recommend doing to prevent being completely alienated from the sports world is to sign up for an e-mail update as fast as you can. Then maybe the walls won't seem so high.

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