Volume 95, Issue 6
Thursday, September 11, 2001

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Serious accident shakes Shinerama

A Western student remains in hospital after being struck by a vehicle during Shinerama Day last Saturday.

Constable Ryan Holland, from the London Police Service, said a truck turning south from Fanshawe Road onto Adelaide Street lost control and struck the centre island, hitting three Western students who were soliciting donations for Shinerama

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©Lauren Starr/Gazette
WELCOME TO THE FACULTY OF GYPSY STUDIES. James Skutezky, a third year student living with three others in the basement of Delaware Hall gets a lesson in camp life.

Rez chaos: "It's just bullshit"

So much for a Western guarantee.

"The Western guarantee is a guarantee of residence and program," said Susan Grinrod, senior director of housing and ancillary services.

However for 28 first-year Western students, this guarantee was not a reality.


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Orientation deemed a drunken success

Western's second "dry" Orientation Week ran with few glitches and saw an increased participation.

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Accident clouds Shinerama future

The University Students' Council will take Shinerama Day off the streets to safer areas next year, following Saturday's accident which left three students injured, one of whom remains in hospital.

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Our Lady striving hard for an American Peace

It seems like every Canadian musician strives to be either Barenaked or a Lady. Breaking into the American market isn't necessarily a top priority for all Canuck bands, but the truth of the matter is, it pays the bills. 

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The Great Escape - Western beats York by a hair

Larry Haylor must have been seeing red.

For three quarters, the head coach of the Western football team watched as his Mustangs tried their absolute best to hand a victory to the Yeomen of York. In the end, they yanked it away and escaped with a messy 16-15 victory. 

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