Volume 95, Issue 6

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
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Serious accident shakes Shinerama

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Serious accident shakes Shinerama

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

A Western student remains in hospital after being struck by a vehicle during Shinerama Day last Saturday.

Constable Ryan Holland, from the London Police Service, said a truck turning south from Fanshawe Road onto Adelaide Street lost control and struck the centre island, hitting three Western students who were soliciting donations for Shinerama.

Police and the University Students' Council were unable to release the names of students involved in the accident, but The Gazette has learned Andrea Lazare, an off-campus soph and fourth-year honours political science student, remains in stable condition at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Andrea suffered a broken pelvis and injuries to her leg and head as a result of the accident, said Matt Lazare, Andrea's brother.

The other two students involved in the accident suffered minor injuries, he said.

Matt said Andrea underwent surgery on Saturday to reattach tendons in her leg.

"She is feeling strong and is in good spirits," he said.

Matt said Andrea recalls seeing and hearing the truck lose control. "She remembers looking at the driver – after that [things] went sketchy," he said.

According to Matt, Andrea said the OC sophs made sure no one was standing on the road.

Holland said Western students did not break any London city by-laws during the incident. The driver of the truck, a 17-year-old female from Kincardine, has been charged with careless driving, he said.

Shinerama Day was scheduled to last five hours but was cut short after the accident, which occurred approximately two and a half hours into the event, said Wes Brown, USC VP-student affairs.

During the shortened campaign, approximately $50,000 was raised – an amount comparable to what was raised in a five hour time span in previous years, he said.

Orientation Officer Stephanie Zonneville said the Shinerama commissioner and team, as well as Shinerama representatives from each residence, faculty and affiliate college were informed of city by-laws prior to Shinerama Day.

"The sophs were very good at following the rules," she said, adding it was still difficult to control everyone.

"This was an unfortunate incident," Zonneville said.

Susan Grinrod, senior director of housing and ancillary services, said that while she was disappointed and upset over the incident, she was not surprised by the accident.

"This was an accident waiting to happen," she said, believing it is difficult for sophs to ensure "energetic students" are safe.

Another accident involving two vehicles occurred Saturday at the corner of Wonderland and Oxford Streets, within minutes of the first incident, Constable Holland said.

Holland said while Western students were present at the intersection, there is no evidence students were the cause of the accident.

Shinerama Day, which began in 1964 to raise money for cystic fibrosis research, has been an annual event at Western since 1968.

This is the third year in a row there have been car accidents involving first-year students during O-week. In previous incidents in both 1999 and 2000, students were struck and killed, but neither incident was directly related to an O-week activity.

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