Volume 95, Issue 6

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
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Rez chaos: "It's just bullshit"

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

So much for a Western guarantee.

"The Western guarantee is a guarantee of residence and program," said Susan Grinrod, senior director of housing and ancillary services.

However for 28 first-year Western students, this guarantee was not a reality.

Unlike their fellow 5,000 residence-based students, 28 first-years were directed to "temporary accommodations" or "extended housing" instead of the actual residence rooms they were previously guaranteed to have when they moved-in on Sept 2 and 3. Residence staff members' rooms, floor lounges and study rooms have all been used as makeshift housing.

According to Grinrod, the Housing Department relies annually on the cancellations and non-acceptances of students to fit everyone into the residences. This year, the number of people turning down their residence placement was smaller than usual and now students are waiting for permanent placement.

The situation is an "exceptional circumstance," said John Berry, a second-year Health Science student and a residence advisor at Delaware Hall.

"[The Housing Department] is bending over backwards to make sure all of the students get all of the benefits of residence and the Western experience."

However, the students who are living in the "temporary accommodations" at Delaware Hall have a very different view of the situation.

"It's just bullshit," said Christopher Gregory, a first-year social science student from Trinidad. He found out about his living situation upon arriving at Western on move-in day. "I thought, 'What the hell is this?'" he said, "I was told I would get a double room in Delaware."

James Skutezky, a first-year engineering student, is currently sharing a study room with two other students in the Delaware Hall Basement.

Skutezky said he is upset he has no phone, no RezNet and no washroom on his floor. He said he feels very unsettled.

Moreover, he said he feels he is "not part of a floor community." According to Skutezky, they have no sophs, no residence advisor and there were no signs on their doors to welcome them. A sign saying "The Outcasts" now hangs on his door.

Grinrod said most of the students' and parents' affected by the mishap were understanding.

"Most of them were fine. Some were upset, but they really rolled with it, they're a good bunch." she said. "They haven't been forgotten about."

"No one has come by to even see our situations," Skutezky said. "[The Housing Department] has been very vague over the phone. It seems like they haven't really been making an effort."

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