Volume 95, Issue 7

Wednesday, September 12, 2001
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O-Week Snapshots

O-Week Snapshots

Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
I JUST FLEW IN FROM CHICAGO AND BOY, ARE MY ARMS TIRED. Trevor Hurst of Econoline Crush shared bad jokes and good tunes on UC Hill last Friday.

Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
AND YOU THOUGHT THE QUEUES OF SOVIET RUSSIA WERE BAD. Students line-up en masse for a single open room at Delaware Hall.

Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
THE RESULT OF IGNORING THE "DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS" SIGN. University Students' Council VP Student Affairs Wes Brown after getting a pie in the face from engineering sophs.

Beth Kerim/Gazette
SPINNING AROUND ON YOUR HEAD - THE NEWEST OLYMPIC SPORT. Chris Harrison, a third-year computer science student pioneers this soon to be popular sport.

Lauren Starr/Gazette
I DON'T WANNA GROW UP, I'M A TOYS 'R' US KID. The carnival on the concrete beach allowed Stef Pagliuso, a fourth-year kinesiology student to feel like a kid again. 

Beth Kerim/Gazette
I'M TOO SEXY. Social science sophs arrive in style at the opening ceremonies, equiped with Kool Aid to share with fellow students.

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