Volume 95, Issue 7

Wednesday, September 12, 2001
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Concrete beach lowers its sails

Western's spirit tested during tough times

Concrete beach lowers its sails

To the Editor:

It seems the 2001 Canada Summer Games proved to be a golden (or perhaps russet) opportunity for Western to remove its famed boat from concrete beach in order to prepare for Canada House.

Strangely though, it seems to still be missing. The sculpture in question, for those not in the know, was the winner of a contest in 1996 by Katherine Knight and Mark Adair, entitled "Boat, Beach, Sail/Signage/Banner" (herein called "Boat").

It was specifically created for the concrete beach in a contest that encouraged entrants to gear their submissions to a concrete beach locale. So why is McIntosh Gallery forced to look for a new home for this specific piece of art?

Is "Boat" not good enough for the beach it beached upon? Does administration consider it washed up? Or is the school going to do something useful and put the concrete back in concrete beach with a new pave job?

"Boat" has had its share of urine and dirty looks over the years, not to mention a tailor-made prank. I'm not one to gossip but it was made for concrete beach and that is where it belongs.

Many people voted in the 1996 contest that brought "Boat" to the surface, in which our precious barbed wire beauty garnered almost half.

While I didn't vote for "Boat" myself, I am a firm believer in results and I'm sure Knight and Adair would agree. But they are the artists, not the critics and the critics around here tend to have a few too many oars.

Liam Birch


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