Volume 95, Issue 7

Wednesday, September 12, 2001
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Western's spirit tested during tough times

Western's spirit tested during tough times

My father once told me something to the effect of, relationships aren't hard to maintain until unexpected hardships pop up. That's when things get tough and the true test of the relationship comes to the foreground.

I've tried to work out in my mind what happened Tuesday. I haven't succeeded at all. I've been unable to answer any question with adequate confidence.

One thing keeps popping into my head – I feel scared and uncertain about how students will react. I question whether or not the relationship between us all will survive unscathed. More specifically, I fear Tuesday's events could incite feelings of insecurity and speculative blame which may lead to violence on campus.

Like all relationships, the interrelationship between us as students is fragile and Tuesday's events put that vulnerable bond under strain. My sincere hope is no one tries to put blame for the incident on any student or Western entity, be it a club, religious organization or just a group of students spending time together.

I firmly believe no student can confidently say another group or individual at Western deserves blame for these attacks. I would be incredibly disappointed to hear anyone felt unsafe on campus.

The Opinions page is designed to be an entertaining and thought-provoking forum for expression and debate. In light of what has happened, it will also come to serve as an outlet for your thoughts and feelings on the tragic series of events that occurred in the United States yesterday.

I welcome you all to send your thoughts, fears, prayers and hardships to gazette.opinions@uwo.ca. My hope is we take our relationship through these tragedies peacefully and in the end, pass what my father called the true test of a relationship.

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