Volume 95, Issue 7

Wednesday, September 12, 2001
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Coca-cola University

Concrete beach lowers its sails

Western's spirit tested during tough times

Coca-cola University

To the Editor:

Western is a public institution. It is regulated and funded by and thus accountable to, the public's elected provincial governments.

Because Western is public, students enjoy a democratic and equitable environment unlike that of, say, privately owned and operated enterprises. In other words, students are included in university decision-making and have the ability to establish independent students' associations.

The integrity of public institutions, accessible to all citizens irrespective of their financial backgrounds, is under constant threat. Profit-seeking corporations appear anxious to crack the education market to convert public universities into private, money-making enterprises.

Accordingly, the business sector seems to lobby governments provincially, nationally and internationally to implement regressive policies that lead to less public funding, less public control and higher tuition fees.

Students across Canada will be hitting the streets of their communities in mass demonstrations on Feb. 6, 2002. It will be our day to tell governments public education is not for sale.

Proudly, I look forward to Western students' participation.

Rick Telfer

Ontario National Executive Representative

Canadian Federation of Students

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