Volume 95, Issue 8

Thursday, September 13, 2001
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The great Canadian beer myth

The history of suds

Beer banter

Beer: a friend through joy and sorrow

Every beer has its special moment in time

Every beer has its special moment in time

Beth Kerim/Gazette

Dark: rich, deep flavour
Moment: at the end of a long day at work, as you day dream of your boss being devoured by a pack of howling wolves

Lager: yeast ferments at a lower temperature – a smooth, mellow beer
Moment: any [including breakfast]

Ale: yeast that ferments at a higher temperature – often fruity
Moment: when you feel like guzzling, forgetting your own name and waking up the next morning in a Wal-Mart parking lot wearing no pants

Bitter: British style, dry aromatic flavour, strong alcohol content
Moment: right before you're going to make-out with the Queen [or Prince Charles – grrrrrrr]

Amber: malty, hoppy beer with a rich golden colour
Moment: when you feel either "hoppy" or "rich" – cigar not required

Fruit: fruit added during primary fermentation or later
Moment: when hanging out with sweet and lovable gypsies – thanks guys

India Pale Ale: large quantity of hops added for preservation and to mask off-flavours after long voyage overseas in the olden days
Moment: after a long day moving furniture, when the only thing around is that dusty case in your basement

Ceeps brew: potent beer with a hearty aftertaste
Moment: when you have no money

Porter: very bitter and dark, but nourishing
Moment: when you need to supplement a meal

Stout: dark and heavy with roasted unmalted barley and caramel sugar
Moment: when your significant other leaves you for an androgynous circus performer

Wheat: German style, malted wheat and barley
Moment: while sitting in your underwear on the sofa listening to polka music

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