Volume 95, Issue 8

Thursday, September 13, 2001
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Western ruggers off and running amok

A time to reflect, cheer and jeer

Men's Rugby Schedule

No longer lowly bottom feeders

Making a big splash

A time to reflect, cheer and jeer

The sports world is in a time of change

The tans are fading and the Gap is pushing their fall line. The seasons are changing.

Before we turn our backs on the summer of sport, let's take a few minutes to remember what was and anticipate what soon could be in the sporting world, shall we?

Thank God somebody other than Tiger Woods won a major. After Tiger won the Masters in April, it looked as if it could be another summer of watching Tiger battle only the record book, but he proved to be mortal after all.

Why is it when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were slamming home runs left and right, I couldn't pry myself from the television? But now that Barry Bonds is dropping bombs in parks across America, I can barely muster a yawn? Face it Barry, the home run is so 1998.

A brilliant move by Wayne Gretzky and his hockey entourage in charge of putting together Canada's Olympic team in 2002 has already been made.

Inviting players like young defenceman Eric Brewer to the September training camp while spurning hopefuls like Jason Alison and Brendan Shanahan has done two things. It has given hope to the young players who now believe they have a shot to be picked for the club and it has lit a fire under the ass of complacent performers who now know they will have to earn a spot on a team.

What a step the Raptors have taken by signing their star Vince Carter. I have to admit, I thought Carter would go the way of Roberto Alomar and bid adieu to the City of Toronto when his contract was up. Maybe Carter saw something in the 12 gritty playoff games where the Raptors fought tooth and nail.

The Europeans should be out for blood at this month's Ryder Cup after the embarrassment they suffered at the hands of the Americans two years ago. What should serve as extra incentive for the Euros is the manner in which the Americans rudely piled onto the green after Justin Leonard's long putt essentially won the tournament. The Yanks should have shown their opponent the respect of waiting until the final putt had been struck and the event was officially won.

On the Western front, congratulations to Andy Kwiatkowski of the Western men's basketball, who is exceeding all expectations on the Canadian National team. Maybe Kwiatkowski can follow in the footsteps of Canadian baller Steve Nash and someday make his mark in the NBA – or at least score a date a with Spice Girl, as Nash was reportedly doing at one time.

Oh those mighty Maple Leafs are at it again. Instead of giving a blank cheque to the workhorse defenceman they need (namely Rob Blake), they squandered their resources on guys who are going to become invisible in the playoffs. They would have been better off keeping Steve Thomas.

Why are the Boston Red Sox more predictable than a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie? There they were, tantalizing their fans once again with their gutsy play throughout all the injuries they suffered to ace players, like Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciapara. And what happens when those players finally returned? The Sox go south faster than a retired couple. I guess New Kids on the Block will forever be the only Boston success story.

There is a full slate of Mustang games on tap for the weekend, as most teams are now into their regular season play. Take full advantage of the opportunity you have to see quality athletics on campus.

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