Volume 95, Issue 8

Thursday, September 13, 2001
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Western ruggers off and running amok

A time to reflect, cheer and jeer

Men's Rugby Schedule

No longer lowly bottom feeders

Making a big splash

Making a big splash

By Dave Martin
Gazette Staff

For all you female stars who have mastered inner tube waterpolo, here is a question for you: can you survive the physical challenge of playing without a floation device?

This year, for the first time ever, Western is going to field (or pool rather) a women's water-polo team. The team is a club team organized by the University Students' Council and this year will be a trial year to see what the popularity is amongst students and if they can compete at the varsity level.

Naomi Loewith, a fourth-year scholar's electives student, has spearheaded the process after finding a love for the game while playing at St. Andrew's University in Scotland.

"I looked into why there was a men's team and not a women's one, but only found closed door after closed door," Loewith said.

Her persistence was finally rewarded when men's head coach Ray Lumsden showed his support and offered to co-ordinate a coaching team. The assistant coach on the men's team, Bill Terzis, will head the women and have Lumsden as his assistant.

"So far we've had a tremendous response from students and already have enough girls to fill a team, which is very exciting to see," Loewith said.

As of now, Western is the only university in Ontario with a men's team but not a women's.

According to Loewith, all the other universities in Ontario have been very helpful and accomodating in trying to organize exhibition games and allowing Western to participate in tournaments.

Anyone interested is more than welcome to stop by the pool weeknights to see a practice or drop an e-mail to westernpolo@hotmail.com

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