Volume 95, Issue 8

Thursday, September 13, 2001
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Unwarranted accusations

The American retaliatory way

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Ignorant Canada

Unwarranted accusations

To the Editor:

I have joined the world in reading with sadness about yesterday's events in the United States. As a Palestinian, I see this sadness affecting my people every day and every day the pain continues.

There is petitioning to keep Arab and Muslim pro-Palestinians from attending a peaceful demonstration in Montreal on the grounds they pose a security threat to Canadians.

The Muslim communities in Toronto and across Canada are receiving personal threats already and the press seems to encourage ideas that extremists, anti-Israelis and radical Muslims are responsible.

While the evidence is not only lacking, but pointing in a million conflicting directions, most fingers are blindly pointing to the whole of the Arab and Muslim communities.

What happened in the United States yesterday is a travesty. And yes, there are people celebrating in refugee camps in Palestine; they endure this kind of hardship every day and are certainly glad to see that even giants playing in the lap of luxury can experience it too.

Much of the world has mixed emotions about the significance of this incident. The US has disrupted many nations in the past and it appears to have acted more by might than by right.

Any group could be responsible for this attack and though the tendency is and has been to lay blame where it feels most digestible, it is wrong to assume that Arab, Muslim and terrorist are synonymous terms.

As a society which values and operates on principles of justice, equality and innocence until guilt is proven, we must endeavor to make sure our reactions operate in a similar fashion.

It may be desirable to find a villain for every act of tyranny, but it is just as much a travesty to create an enemy where one had not previously existed.

Randa B. Mouammar

M.A. Politics

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