Volume 95, Issue 9

Friday, September 14, 2001
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Shits and Giggles

Shits and Giggles

By Andrea Chiu

This one is for the Froshies. By now, you should have figured out that life is more than just shits and giggles. The same thing applies to life at Western. Here, we have a list of the best and the worst things on campus. We're not going to lie to you – things aren't always fine and dandy like those crazy, loud sophs may have lead you to believe, so don't say we didn't warn you...


Lines – Not the kind you draw on your notes during a boring lecture, the kind you wait in for hours, only to spend thousands of dollars on tuition, books and "registration fees." It's a splendid way to start off the year – a broken ass.

Parking – Congratulations! Daddy bought you a shiny new car for moving on to higher education, but don't expect easy parking on campus just because he paid $10,000 for the parking pass, too.

Your Bike – It'll get stolen and probably at the worst time possible, like on the morning after you pulled an all-nighter writing a 20 page essay. You'll find your bike stolen with only a tire and a sliced bike lock. With no transportation, you'll probably only have five minutes before the 9:00 a.m. deadline, so you better run fast. Start training now.

Coke – You don't really like it better than Pepsi, you've just been brainwashed because it's the only cola easily available on campus.

Smelly Fartado and Sarah Harmer – "ooh look, we're so famous now, we're too popular for The Gazette. Look at us, we're too busy for interviews with small folk." Yeah, okay, don't call us when you're on your comeback tours.


Western Film – $4.25 for a film and $2.50 on Tuesdays sounds about right. So forget about the over-hyped and over-priced SilverCity. These chairs may not be as comfy or come with a cupholder, but there's an even handier pullout, lecture table for all your snack bar goodies.

CHRW 94.7FM Radio Western – At this radio station, CDs by Matchbox 20, Celine Dion and Creed are set on fire and thrown off the roof of the University Community Centre, just like they should be.

Sarah Harmer – I'm sorry I take it back, I would interview you on your comeback tour. You Were Here is still one of the best Canadian albums released in the past five years and "Lodestar" is beautiful, just don't make any more music videos in a bathtub please.

The Spoke – The friendly staff take the time to not wash their hands after handling your money. It gives your C.L.T. that extra tasty zing! Yum.

The Pit Stop – The only on-campus home to Pepsi products. "Be young, have fun."

Frosh Week – It's over. Thank God.

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