Volume 95, Issue 9

Friday, September 14, 2001
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Wake up and smell the war

Let's focus on U.S. oppression

American led global monarchy

American torture abroad ignored

A reminder...

Wake up and smell the war

To the Editor:

The tragedy of the planned attacks on the United States hopefully gives Canadians and Americans alike a better perspective on the chaotic world which for years, we have only heard of on the evening news.

Will Americans and Canadians ever know of the innocent lives lost in conflicts started by Americans themselves? Are they really viewed by us as human tragedies or just far away acts of war?

'Wake up' is what I'm saying. We are at war with a force I believe we are unprepared to handle mentally.

I hope the events of Tuesday don't create any rift between students of different backgrounds at Western. I hear comments like "those poor people are just lazy and don't work as hard as Canadians or Americans. That's why they want to screw America." Or "it's about time America got what it deserved with them bombing the rest of the world."

These types of views are very ignorant for students at a scholarly institution like Western.

Asif Rafiq

Administrative and Commercial Studies I

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