Volume 95, Issue 9

Friday, September 14, 2001
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American led global monarchy

American torture abroad ignored

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American torture abroad ignored

To the Editor:

Human suffering and loss of life is horrific. As we come together in grief for those victimized by the awful terrorism of Sept. 11, I am left wondering, who grieves for those tens of thousands of people who die of starvation and disease on a daily basis without media coverage, in the streets of every city, in every country on Earth?

Why is the terrorism or blockading food and medicine to the citizens of Cuba and Iraq not a front page issue?

Where are the commitments to assistance for the peasants of Guatemala, Nicaragua and Colombia who I believe are silenced, tortured or killed trying to promote democracy?

Why do we allow such horrors to occur and turn a blind eye? Why not ask some serious questions about what our problems are and what can be done to attain genuine global justice for all?

Kendra Coulter

Scholars Electives IV

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