Volume 95, Issue 9
Friday, September 14, 2001
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Mourners gather in UCC

Symbolizing unity, a single candle burned at the heart of Western's campus yesterday during a memorial service organized to commemorate the victims of the events of Sept. 11.

The University Community Centre atrium provided a stage for various leaders of Western's student and religious community, as they took to the podium to speak to a gathering of hundreds.

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Beth Kerim/Gazette
MOURNING THE DEAD. Onlookers in the University Community Centre shared their grief Thursday at a memorial service held in remembrance of those who perished in the terrorist attacks which took place in the United States on Tuesday.

Fears arise in local Muslim community

While the responsibility for Tuesday's horrific attacks on the United States has not been determined, a small minority of individuals have directed anger towards members of the Muslim community in London.

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Ontario hotels house stranded Americans

While the world scrambles to get back on its feet following the events of Sept. 11, Canadian travel and transportation industries are feeling the pressure of increased scrutiny over their efforts to accommodate stranded individuals.

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Your voices

In light of the extraordinary and exceptional events we have all witnessed, experienced and shared this week, we felt it appropriate to provide this space as a forum to share your grief, sorrow, shock and, in some cases, hope.

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Darrin O'Brien is as sober and soft as a snowflake

Considering the inexplicable popularity of Snow's breakthrough single "Informer" in the early 90s, many thought it would be the beginning and end of commercial success for the rap/reggae musician from Scarborough, Ontario.

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