Volume 95, Issue 10

Tuesday, September 18, 2001
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Bomb threat directed at Western

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News Briefs

Bomb threat directed at Western

London international airport also targeted

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

The possibility of suspicious packages being en route to Western prompted London Police to issue an alert to students, staff and faculty yesterday.

Phone calls placed by an unidentified male caller to two London media outlets warned of possible suspicious packages being delivered to Western, London's GM Diesel and the London International Airport, Constable Ryan Holland of London Police Services said.

London Police first received word of the phone calls made to the outlets, which have yet to be identified, at approximately 10 a.m. Monday. According to Holland, the word "bombs" was used during one of the phone conversations.

After being notified by police, Western administration relayed the information through a campus-wide alert asking the school's community to be mindful of any suspicious people or packages.

"We have alerted our campus security staff and are asking everyone to let police know of suspicious activities," said acting Western president Roma Harris.

Airport officials met with police afterwards and took what London International Airport president Steve Baker said were the necessary precautions to ensure the airport's operations remained safe.

At GM Diesel, security was increased after being informed of the phone calls. "We have heightened awareness and safety response mechanisms," said manager of human resources, Kevin Mckittrick.

As of yesterday, no packages had been found at any of the potential targets identified by the anonymous caller.

A police investigation into the matter will continue.

"We're trying to identify who made the call and where it came from," Holland said.

Police are also now trying to figure out whether the calls necessitate any further precautions

"We have not at this point told any individuals they should be evacuating," he said.

Western administration had already intensified their security around campus, in response to the events surrounding the terrorist attacks in the United States, Harris said.

"We've told all of our folks to be vigilant and watchful," Harris said.

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