Volume 95, Issue 10

Tuesday, September 18, 2001
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News Briefs

Drugs, stolen bikes keep police busy

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

A large drug bust highlighted this week's work by London Police.

Police seized $41,000 worth of marijuana and $10,000 worth of drug-making equipment last Friday at a Cheapside St. residence, said Constable Ryan Holland of the London Police.

Charged with possession of a controlled substance for trafficking, unlawfully producing a controlled substance and possession of the proceeds of crime are 34-year-old male Son Duong and 35-year-old female Ngan Bui.

No other information has been released at this point, due to the ongoing investigation.

After the robbery of Channer Men's Clothier at the corner of Wonderland Rd. and Commissioner Rd. police are asking the public for any information they may have on the Sunday night break-in.

The number of suspects is unknown. They gained access to the store via a rear entrance and stole several items, Holland said.

"Otherwise, it was quiet. It was kind of nice," he said.

As for the mounting concern of attacks on London Muslim community in the wake of last Tuesday's events, Holland said police, as of yesterday, had dealt with seven cases in the aftermath of the events of Sept. 11.

The last two incidents occurred at the London Muslim Mosque, in the Cherryhill neighbourhood.

Friday, an anonymous phone call to the Mosque was deemed worthy enough of police attention, Holland said.

The second incident involved a suspicious garbage bag placed in front of the Mosque. The police called in their explosives unit, but later found the bag contained garbage and belonged to the Mosque.

No individuals have been arrested at this point for any of the incidents.

"Most of the [incidents] we have [concern] comments that have been made," Holland said. "They don't necessarily constitute a criminal offense but are made out of poor taste and ignorance."

Sept. 10 was a bad day for cyclists, after bikes valuing $200 and $300, were stolen from both Beaver Hall and Brescia racks, according to University Police Department Const. Wendy McGowan.

"The more valuable the bike, the more effort needed to secure it," she said.

She encouraged riders to register their bikes with Campus Police and make sure any removable parts are secured.

"There's about 60 bikes stolen a year on campus," Const. McGowan said.

Also on Sept. 10 there was a report of a suspicious individual looking into cars at the Medway parking lot.

Police believe the person may have been trying to break into the vehicles and have told students to be aware of any valuables inside their car. McGowan also suggested discreetly tagging belongings; for example, marking a CD with permanent marker, in case they are recovered.

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