Volume 95, Issue 11

Wednesday, September 19, 2001
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Picking up trash: not just a bar activity

To the Editor:

As an off-campus graduate student, I had the opportunity this summer to visit campus more than in the past and noticed it is truly a beautiful place to learn.

It's too bad the undergraduates missed out on the Canada Games. Campus was literally transformed into a mini-village for athletes, with all of the amenities of home.

Although the provincial flags no longer remain on campus, the landscaping improvements, which make Western look really sharp, do.

Having seen this school in its summer glory, I worry now that 20,000 more people have arrived. Inevitably, the plants and grass which grow along campus "shortcuts" get trampled or littered on.

Most students don't mean to destroy Western's scenery but things start to look worn after a while.

As a favour to ourselves, I'm asking students to go that extra mile to keep this place looking great by staying on the sidewalks and putting garbage into bins – maybe even pick some litter up now and then.

I'm also suggesting that Physical Plant put some short chain link fences up around the shrubs and trees to deter students from marching through.

You never know, it could save thousands in resodding and replanting costs in the spring and this place might look a little brighter in the normally mucky spring when prospective students are touring.

In these recent days of upheaval in the United States, I hope we can feel some gratitude for the beautiful and peaceful university setting we enjoy at Western. Have a great year everyone.

Evan Joanette

MSc. Psychology II

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