Volume 95, Issue 11

Wednesday, September 19, 2001
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U teaches tough lessons

To the Editor:

Earlier this week, I was given the challenge of doing an independent study on why someone might want to attack the United States.

I know it will be a struggle for me to find meaning behind these horrendous attacks of terrorism.

At this early stage of my study, I have only two messages I would like to communicate to my fellow students.

First, I would like to urge people to remember that, as Canadians, we need to remain a united nation.

We need to diligently set aside our emotional vulnerability and realize Canadian Muslims are first and foremost Canadians. Canada has been built on the acceptance of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds.

In times of such sorrow and confusion, we cannot forget we are all Canadians. By choosing to attack our own Muslim communities, here and in the States, we are unconsciously benefiting the true enemies of these attacks.

I am hurting and scared just as you all are, but I am also trying to have sympathy for the innocent people being attacked here in Canada.

One issue that has not been openly discussed in The Gazette is that the attack reinforces the need for world peace. It reminds us how divided the world has become.

World peace will take a long time to accomplish. Rooted in the enormous struggle to create world peace is an unequal distribution of wealth.

Until we absolve the huge gap between undeveloped and developed countries, the fight for world peace is futile and terrorism will continue with great strength.

Monica Goodfellow

Health Sciences III/Nursing IV

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