Volume 95, Issue 11

Wednesday, September 19, 2001
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Field hockey team blaze to win

Field hockey team blaze to win

Aggressive play does not stiffle speed

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff

The game of hockey is certainly no stranger to roughness but usually there are pads, pucks and ice involved.

However, this past weekend, Western's field hockey women proved the rough stuff isn't limited to the frozen pond in their hard fought 2-0 win over York.

Western left winger Alison Cross explained in no uncertain terms how rugged the competition got. "Some of our players got knocked ass over tea kettle," she said.

Cross added the physical game was not one the Mustangs anticipated and they countered not with muscle, but with speed.

"It got pretty rough out there, which really shocked us. It was a very rough game. We were able to use some bursts of speed and I think that set them back," Cross said.

In Cross' estimation York's lack of discipline only served to enhance Western's chances of victory. "We ended up scoring on a penalty shot, so it worked to our advantage. We never retaliated and they ended up really looking silly," she said.

Western's head coach Jennifer Symmes was not available for comment.

York's head coach Dale Peltola said she saw some parallels between her squad and the Western side. "I think we have a very comparable team to Western, being young ourselves. They've got a very solid young team and I was very impressed."

Peltola continued her praise of the Mustangs, adding they not only had the tools but also knew how to use them.

"They've got speed and intensity and they use it well. It's one thing to have speed, but you've got to use it at the right times. They were very aggressive in going after loose balls. Our team could learn something from playing Western and seeing their intensity," Peltola said.

The Mustangs now turn their attention north as they head up the 401 to Ottawa for three games against three different teams at Carleton University this weekend. The competition will be stiff, as the always formidable Queen's squad will provide the initial challenge on Friday night.

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