Volume 95, Issue 11

Wednesday, September 19, 2001
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Passing the border buck

Re: Canada may have been gateway for terrorists, FBI suspects, Sept. 13

To the Editor:

I am a little concerned after having read the article in Thursday's Gazette pointing out the attack "may shine more embarrassing light on Canada's immigration and passport control systems."

The article seems to imply that once people have been able to sneak in to Canada they have free reign to cross the Canada/United States border. This is not true. Before being granted access to the U.S., these individuals would present to a U.S. immigration officer the same documentation they used to enter Canada.

In this respect, U.S. immigration policies have failed on an equal level to those of Canada. It doesn't seem fair for the U.S. to blame its inability to prevent terrorist access to their country on a neighbouring nation.

Perhaps it is easier for the U.S. government and media to pass the buck northward to us, but, in the long run, this strategy will not help prevent more tragedies from happening.

Dave Vaillancourt

Philosophy IV

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