Volume 95, Issue 13

Friday, September 21, 2001
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Defending freedom at any cost

Tea with Osama bin Laden?

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As promised, the Recombobulator is plugged in and ready to go. This week's questions have gone through. I don't like the results either, but hey, you can't argue with science, right?

Q: Is it really necessary for busses to stop in front of both the Western Science Centre and 20 Metres later, at the Natural Sciences building?

A: "Yes, a moving sidewalk would cost far too much," says the machine. I then says to him, "but, can't we just stop the bus at one building and have people walk the rest of the way?" Our techno-friend then went offline and started to smoke. I guess not.

Q: Why is the McIntosh Gallery spelt with an "Mc" like "Marty McFly," but pronounced like MacIntosh the apple?

A: After out-sourcing the question to our friends at the gallery, it turns out the pronunciation is correct. According to the origin of old Scottish gaelic, the "mac" sound we hear can be spelt either way.

Q: Where is Waldo, really?

A: After years of hiding in seas of people, behind a multitude of backdrops, Waldo got sick of running and finally began turning himself in to children everywhere.

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