Volume 95, Issue 11
Friday, September 20, 2001
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Sexual deviants loose on campus

Despite several sightings of naked, masturbating men at various on-campus locations during daytime hours, police have not been able to solve the mysterious incidents.

Including the latest two reports of sightings near TD Waterhouse Stadium last week, there have been eight reported incidents of undressed males sexually gratifying themselves during late afternoon hours over this past summer, police said.

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TRAVELLERS BEWARE. Tessa Yung, a first-year kinesiology student uses a walkway to cut through a wood lot. Police are advising students to be on the lookout for a sexual deviant sighted numerous times masturbating in these wooded areas.

United Way sets lofty goal

Five million dollars? No problem.

In an afternoon fund-raiser at the Covent Garden Market on Thursday, the United Way launched its annual three-month fundraising campaign. This year's lofty goal: a minimum of five million.

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Space cadet leads Ivey students

Space is a far-out destination – but in a speech yesterday at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau revealed what makes him tick is something far more down to earth.

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Computational fluid dynamics?

Western's engineers took a break from ruling the world and instead reconnected with it, amidst displays yesterday at the Great Hall in Somerville House.

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Smooth ride to Oklahoma!

Everything sure is going the cast's way in the riveting theatrical production of Oklahoma!

This boisterous love story, set against a colourful backdrop of rivalry between local farmers and cowboys is a triumphant tale sure to captivate the attention of any audience.

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