Volume 95, Issue 13

Friday, September 21, 2001
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United Way sets lofty goal

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United Way sets lofty goal

Looking for 5 million dolla dolla bills y'all

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

Five million dollars? No problem.

In an afternoon fund-raiser at the Covent Garden Market on Thursday, the United Way launched its annual three-month fundraising campaign. This year's lofty goal: a minimum of five million.

Janet Tuffs, resource development manager for the United Way campaign, said Western is one of the top three accounts for the organization, noting the United Way receives fundraising contributions from students, faculty, Western organizations and retirees.

Last year, the University Students' Council raised $1,477 during the initial three-month campaign, a significant decline from the 1999-2000 grand total of $11,647. "It was a very disappointing year," she explained.

Tuffs said Western's overall campaign goal fell $10,000 short of its $270,000 target last year, adding this year's goal is $280,000.

"I've got a very good feeling this year at Western," she said. "There's so much potential. We're connected with all the right people. All signs point towards a dynamic campaign."

Neil Kapoor, last year's USC United Way Commissioner, said the volunteers existed for last year's campaign, but noted the proper infrastructure was not in place to make full use of them.

"Last year it was a matter of reshaping the campaign structure," he said, explaining the 2000-01 campaign began the process of bringing residences, faculties and clubs together in one united fundraising role.

Volunteers are the key to the success of this year's campaign, said Wes Brown, VP-student affairs for the USC, .

The student campaign will be linked to other events on campus, such as Homecoming, in order to provide greater exposure, he added.

The volunteer job bank, located on the USC's website, is one of the many avenues the USC will use to draw volunteers, Brown said.

Meredith Bell, the USC's United Way Commissioner, said the Western campaign will kick-off on Oct.12. The opening ceremony will be held on the University College Hill and feature entertainment, including skydivers and the Western cheerleading team.

Although no official fundraising goal has been set, Bell said she is hoping for over $10,000.

Joyce Garnett, co-chair of Western's administrative and faculty-based campaign, said the United Way campaign on campus is the biggest charitable event Western is a part of, adding she is positive about the joint effort this year between administration and the USC.

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