Volume 95, Issue 13

Friday, September 21, 2001
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Computational fluid dynamics?

Computational fluid dynamics?

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

Western's engineers took a break from ruling the world and instead reconnected with it, amidst displays yesterday at the Great Hall in Somerville House.

Dean of engineering science Franco Berruti said the purpose of the faculty's first annual Research Day was to bring the research of engineering professors and graduate students, presented in poster-form, to other engineers, students, politicians, the business community and the general public.

"Very often we forget to stop and show other people, even neighbours down the hall, what we are working on," Berruti said.

"There is so much research going on, supported by taxpayers. We owe the general public the opportunity to see what is going on with that money," he said.

Berruti said the displays represent the combined efforts of professors and graduate students. "Students are really an integral part of the research," he said. "This university is very focused towards research-intensiveness."

Adam Rehorn, a PhD student in electrical engineering, said his posters detail research he helped work on, alongside two professors.

In his research, he examined modeling machine tool dynamics, in particular, how milling machinery shakes when force is applied.

Doug Roberts, a post-doctorate engineering student involved in computational fluid dynamics modeling of high-intensity winds, said his work is important and has practical applications.

Roberts said with a changing environment there is danger of more radical weather and stronger winds that can blow over structures like transmission towers.

"The problem is getting the public interested in engineering at Western," Roberts said. "There is not a lot of recognition."

Research Day might help draw interest into the field of engineering, he added.

Fourth-year mechanical engineering student Andrea Black said she attended Research Day to learn about the research being done by her professors.

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