Volume 95, Issue 13

Friday, September 21, 2001
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Defending freedom at any cost

Tea with Osama bin Laden?

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Defending freedom at any cost

To the Editor:

I am neither a fascist nor a racist, but as I read various letters to the Editor regarding the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the level of na•veté in Western students shocks me.

Some letters condemn American foreign policy as justification for this attack. The terrorists who perpetrate these terrible acts and the states that aid them must be taught that we, as freedom loving citizens, will never allow our way of life to be threatened by terror.

These cowards only respect force and it is force we, as a people, must use to ensure our way of life. If this is military action, so be it. Some in the Western community believe that by simply asking for justice, we will receive it.

Some wish that we find "honour" in these monsters and "declare peace in our time." This did not work for [Neville] Chamberlain in 1938 [at the Munich Conference] and it will not work now. The states that sponsor terrorists must learn freedom will be defended at the cost of human lives.

This is a hard fact to stomach, but one that has been taught harshly over the last 250 years.

Ours is a generation two or three times removed from World War II and I fear that as a generation, we do not understand how much blood was spilled and how many tears were shed in the defense of our freedom.

I urge the Canadian government to live up to it's NATO responsibilities and support America so freedom may ring loudly across our globe.

Students should learn freedom must be earned once in awhile.

Brad Churton

Administrative and Commercial Studies IV

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