Volume 95, Issue 14

Tuesday, September 25, 2001
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Total support

Re: "Twelve months of Mustang vanity," Sept. 20

To the Editor:

I think it's ridiculous people are so offended at the idea of putting out a calendar with pictures of Western students in it. I've been around campus for three years now and I am proud of our student body as a whole.

I've even had the idea of making a calendar myself because there are many attractive people attending this school. The idea that putting pictures in a calendar is degrading or exploits men or women in any way just boggles me.

These are volunteers posing, not people being spied on by peeping Toms. These models aren't going to be naked or in any lewd positions (although that would increase sales). It's the same thing as walking through campus and looking around the concrete beach or University College hill.

Just because someone is attractive enough to be put in a calendar doesn't mean they aren't intelligent enough to be at a quality university. I don't think putting out a calendar to raise money makes us look more like a party school at all.

Yes, there are other ways to show our support, such as giving money or blood. But selling an item or product is just as effective for raising money, if not more so.

I applaud the people behind the idea and look forward to purchasing my copy.

Steven Cardile

Chemistry/Biochemistry III

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