Volume 95, Issue 14

Tuesday, September 25, 2001
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Psychic: Davenport was reincarnated

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Psychic: Davenport was reincarnated

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

He sat like a wise, smiling grandfather. However, a quick glance of the crowded bookshelves behind him – filled with dozens of books on the occult – made you realize this was not an ordinary old man.

Robert Masschelein (Psychic Bob to his friends) is a self-proclaimed psychic who specializes in receiving picture impressions. As part of The Gazette's continuing mandate to be first with the news, we consulted Psychic Bob to find out what the year holds for some of Western's most important people.

To do so, Bob was presented with several pictures of some of Western's bigwigs. By holding the pictures and concentrating hard, Bob was able to see into their futures and delve into their inner most secrets.

His first subject: University Students' Council President Mike Lawless.

Right away Bob accurately pointed out that Lawless is a musically talented individual. Bob also noted a friendly nature as one of Lawless' main character traits.

"He comes in as a guy who's really friendly," Psychic Bob explained. "He talks to everybody and remembers each and every face. I see a good soul."

Lawless sometimes gets bogged down in detail, Bob said. "You may find he is a perfectionist in his thinking He may have a little difficulty getting things prioritized – which is very important."

"As a rule, he'll have very good support from others," he said.

Next up: Western president Paul Davenport.

"He is an old soul," he said, sensing many past lives in the university leader.

Psychic Bob said he sensed Davenport was also under immense stress to cut down on university expenses. "They have to do more with less," he said.

Politics often work against Davenport's goals, he explained. "Some political opportunist or some political bunch is always trying to make things come out their way," he said. "The president often has to walk the middle line and this sometimes has him very frustrated with his job.

"The longer he stays, the better off the university will be," he added.

When shown Western football coach Larry Haylor, Psychic Bob reacted immediately.

"He's got a bit of a temper," Bob said with a smirk. "He knows his stuff, but sometimes he offers too much domination instead of help."

Bob said Haylor has a tendency to push players too hard. "He's a bit dictatorial, but maybe that's what makes him a good coach."

The psychic said he could see Haylor being applauded for his coaching, but cited pressure as the main factor for Western's lack of playoff success in the past.

"[The pressure] is sometimes too much for the players. When the big day comes along, they're too jumpy and unsure."

The final face: Wes Brown, USC VP-student affairs.

"He's a fast talking guy – a smoothy," Bob said."He should be selling life insurance."

The psychic said Brown has a tendency to party too hard. "He's cutting down a bit now so it doesn't interfere with his work," he added.

Sometimes Brown can wear himself into exhaustion, Bob cautioned. "He keeps going and going until the bottom falls out of it."

With that, The Gazette's favourite psychic handed back the picture. His impressions of these four key Western figures had been spoken – only the future will bring the truth.

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