Volume 95, Issue 14

Tuesday, September 25, 2001
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Re: "Twelve months of Mustang vanity," Sept. 20

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago, the world witnessed an atrocity of incredible magnitude, but when the billions of dollars of damages are calculated, the human cost will not be added. Why? Because human life is priceless.

One Western entrepreneur, Lucas Atkins, seems to disagree and is proposing to provide us with a collection of the choicest of student bodies for less than a loonie a piece.

While its wonderful our fellow student has deemed the New York City relief effort a worthy cause, he could hardly have chosen a more ironic vehicle for his philanthropic efforts.

Two weeks ago, terrorists tore human bodies limb from limb in an effort to promote a political agenda. This week, Atkins proposes to objectify a few more bodies in a misguided attempt to reverse those evils.

At the very least, I would have hoped New York City would have taught us the irreplaceable value of a human being. Perhaps it hasn't.

As for your ten dollars, take it to a real relief effort, where 100 per cent of your cash will go to help people in need.

These past few weeks have seen enough degradation of the human body. Let's respect the bodies we are lucky enough to have left.

Nicole Nelson

Scholar's Electives III

Women's Issues Network Co-ordinator

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